Bargain Book Deal Volume One of the Falstaff Adventures Permanently Low price

Call of the Thunder Dragon

The adventures of Falstaff Wild

Extract ‘The Call of the Thunder Dragon’

Bargain Book Deal 2015

They burst out of the cloud as if surfacing from under an ocean of grey treacle. The cloud below them seemed to move as a body of liquid, trails swirling and sinking back into the mass of wet rain. The wind was sharper; the water on the surfaces of the wings froze over. The wires and cables bracing the floats and wings started to grow a white layer of frost. Five thousand feet, Falstaff tried to move his shoulders and flex his neck. The layer of ice that had grown around his helmet and scarf broke, cracking as he flexed his shoulders.

John Falstaff Wild

Bhutan Himalayas Icy Cold flights

“Christ it’s cold! If you see any brass monkeys, let me know!” Falstaff flexed his muscles and started gently moving the control surfaces. Checking their heading he started to climb again, revving the engines even further.

“Arh! Why do people like snow?” He shouted. “Cold like this does funny things to your head!”

A crack had appeared in the glass of the altimeter, which was showing over 16,000 feet. The sky ahead was a clear dark blue. A dark deep blue, like unbroken Lapis Lazuli stone. The peaks of the Black Mountains appeared like snow-capped stepping stones in the sea of clouds. The Sun blazed brightly behind them. Falstaff hoped it would warm the ice on the wings or the frost on the cables, he was glad to have oiled them.

“Zam, you’ll want to get up here to see this!” Falstaff waved encouraging her out of the bow.

“Is this Bhutan?” Falstaff asked with a grin.

Zam gazed at the sky ahead of them. “We have flown off the edge of the world!”

“Feels like it” Falstaff’s teeth chattered.

Zam took a long look at the world below; and the bright smudge of light in the grey haze behind them. She knew what it felt like to be a moth flying into the light.

“Which mountain is that?” Zam asked.

“Who knows! We are in Bhutan now, that big peak to the northeast will be the Black Mountain?” Falstaff shivered. “Get undercover, can you brew up something hot?”

Zam wormed her way back into the bow, pressing back the furs and blankets. Lying on her side with her body curved around she could manage to light the stove and boiled water for tea and rice. While they waited she watched the clouds through the viewing port.

Suddenly they yawed forward, she screamed as the neat wall of blankets and furs rolled over. She turned to stick out her head to investigate.

Falstaff was slumped forward, his head was up, barely. He was struggling to keep his eyes open. “John! John!”

She climbed out of the bow under the console into the cockpit and into the passage behind so she could pull him upright. “John! Wake up!”

“Did you call for a cab, we’ll get back before curfew!” Falstaff raised his head bewildered as if awaking from a dream and looked at Zam. “Ah! Princess Karma? Did have a reservation? I afraid you can’t come into the cockpit madam! It’s against Imperial Airways regulations!”

“John, wake up you fool!” Zam shook him desperately.

Falstaff’s hand had been frozen on the controls came loose and he fell forward and the Caproni dipped.

“John, wake up!” Zam’s heart stopped. She’d never felt so alone, suddenly she felt so cold inside, not from the tearing wind, she was gripped with fear. Her heart pounded, but she felt light headed. Her eye lips drooped, she felt heavy and sleepy.

“No, I must stay awake! John! You can see can’t you?” She slapped at Falstaff muffled face, rubbing his cheeks she adjusted his goggles. “Come on John you can see can’t you?”

“Yes, yes I can… I’m okay. I’m okay, God its cold!” He slurred.

Zam fumbled under the console and found the flask of water waiting to go into then hot water bottles. He drank two cups, then seemed to jump up in his seat.

“God that’s better. Get those hot water bottles filled and keep them coming!” Falstaff shrugged his shoulders and shook himself repeatedly.

“Ok, back down to five thousand feet, crap!” Falstaff shouted. “Heading, north west.”

The rudder pedal jammed and juddered. He pushed it slowly back one way, then the other. Ice fell out from the gaps around the tail fins as the rudder flexed back and forth. Ice on the wings slid off as Falstaff pulled back on the yoke. He checked their heading and started climbing out of the clouds.

Extract ‘The Call of the Thunder Dragon’

Bargain Book Deal 2015

The call of the Thunder Dragon

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